Our Services

Our Services

GS Estates offers a full range of services in the field of real estate. Our approach is holistic and strategic – we aim not just at closing a deal but at finding the optimal solution for our customers with regard to their long-term interests and the market situation at the time. Our main services include:

Real Estate BusinessConsultancy

The consultation is the first step of the brokerage service.  Once we determine together what kind of transaction you want, we will provide you with current information about the market and the prices, and will advise you how to approach the selection or the listing of a property. With standard brokerage services consultancy is included in the commission fee.

GS Estates also offers more profound and comprehensive consultancy services in writing: market analysis, market valuation of the property or investment project estimation. Market analysis and reports of this kind are prepared by our economists and marketing specialists and we will provide a customized offer for you depending on the specifics of the task.


Services for clients searching for real estate

Businessman drawing HouseBrokerage Services: Representing Tenants and Buyers

When you are the searching party, GS Estates will provide the following services:

  • Advising on all legal and procedural issues related to buying or renting a property in Bulgaria;
  • Selection of a list of properties that meet your requirements. Visits to the properties shall not be charged unless our transport is used outside Sofia (0.20 euro / km);
  • After you choose a property, negotiating the best possible price and transaction terms with the property owner or the agency representing him;
  • Legal research of the selected property, including full verification of ownership documents, check for a mortgage, etc., performed by our lawyer;
  • Transfer of the ownership / Signing the lease agreement;
  • Assistance for entering into possession;
  • Help with the renovation and furnishing of the estate.


Key In A PocketAccommodation in apartment hotels

If you live outside Bulgaria or expect foreign guests, we offer an alternative to hotels – accommodation in comfortable apartments with rent on a daily basis. The properties are fully furnished and maintained by our staff. For you or your guests we can provide additional services such as laundry, ironing, dry cleaning, shopping. If the purpose of the stay is to choose real estate, you may also count on a car with a driver and an interpreter for visiting, researching and selecting the desired property.

Please note that we need at least one week advance warning to arrange accommodation.

Company Registration (if you are buying a property with land)

According to the Bulgarian law, you can only acquire land in the name of a company registered in Bulgaria. The procedure takes about 20 working days and includes new company registration at the National Register of Companies, at the National Tax Register, the National Social Security Institute and also opening a business bank account in a Bulgarian bank. The fee for this service is EURO 850, which includes all legal and attorneys’ fees.

When we register your company you must deposit a sum of BGN 5,000 (about EURO 2600) in your company’s bank account while the registration is completed. You may  withdraw the money as soon as the company is registered. We also offer, if necessary, keeping of all your company documentation, accounting and tax administration services.


Services for property owners

Brokerage Services: Representation of Landlords and Sellers

When you offer a property for rent or for sale, GS Estates will provide the following services:

  • Advising on all legal and procedural issues related to the sale / lease of properties in Bulgaria;
  • Drawing a plan how to offer the property, including advertising with direct marketing, in media, online or by “open door” events;
  • Arranging visits to the estate with potential tenants / buyers;
  • Negotiating the best possible price and transaction terms with the potential tenant / buyer or agency representing him;
  • Transfer of the ownership / Signing the lease agreement;
  • Assistance for entering into possession.

Engineering Man Wearing Western Suit And Safety Helmet With BuilProperty Management

GS Estates offers to take full responsibility of the management and maintenance of your property. We guarantee professional services and our package includes:

  • Advertising the property at our expense;
  • Ensuring stable occupancy of the property at the best price on the market;
  • Maintaining the property – cleaning and repairs by our staff;
  • Administrative and financial services including payment of bills and running costs;
  • If you wish, insurance of your property and possessions;
  • Services in support of the tenant.

The fee depends on the assigned responsibilities. Ranges from 10 to 15% of the rent. The term of the property management contract is between 1 and 5 years.

Renovation and furnishing of the property

Our team of qualified contractors will perform any desired work to reach the high standards that you want for your estate. We may provide construction and repair work of high quality and at competitive prices, such as: carpentry, plastering, repairing roofs and floors, electrician, plumber, etc. Whether you are a tenant or owner of the property, you can count on our staff for the interior design and furnishing.