Property Management

Property Management

Business Man And Modern Building On Green Grass FieldGS Estates offers to take full responsibility of the management and maintenance of your property. We guarantee professional services and our package includes:

  • Advertising the property at our expense;
  • Ensuring stable occupancy of the property at the best price on the market;
  • Maintaining the property – cleaning and repairs by our staff;
  • Administrative and financial services including payment of bills and running costs;
  • If you wish, insurance of your property and possessions;
  • Services in support of the tenant.

The fee depends on the assigned responsibilities. Ranges from 10 to 15% of the rent. The term of the property management contract is between 1 and 5 years.

Renovation and furnishing of the property

Our team of qualified contractors will perform any desired work to reach the high standards that you want for your estate. We may provide construction and repair work of high quality and at competitive prices, such as: carpentry, plastering, repairing roofs and floors, electrician, plumber, etc. Whether you are a tenant or owner of the property, you can count on our staff for the interior design and furnishing.